Anveshi Telugu Movie Review: How is the Tollywood’s Latest Crime Thriller?


Anveshi Telugu Movie Review: Unravel the enigma of love, horror, and suspense in this atmospheric thriller with stellar performances and haunting visuals.

Anveshi Telugu Movie Review:

“Anveshi,” directed by V.J. Khanna and produced by T. Ganapathi Reddy, promises a riveting journey into the realms of suspense, horror, and drama. Starring Ananya Nagalla, Vijay Dharan Datla, Simran Gupta, and featuring a stellar performance by Ajay Ghosh, the film unfolds its enigmatic narrative against the backdrop of Maredukona, a mysterious forest-shrouded village. As viewers embark on this cinematic adventure, the question arises: does “Anveshi” successfully deliver on its promise of a captivating mystery thriller, or does it fall prey to the pitfalls of the genre?

Anveshi Telugu Movie Review

The Storyline:

The narrative takes root in Maredukona, where Dr. Anu (Ananya Nagalla) establishes a hospital, offering health services to the locals. However, in mysterious circumstances, the hospital catches fire, leading to the deaths of Anu and her father. As the plot thickens, a series of murders unfold near the area where Anu’s hospital used to stand. Vijay Dharan Datla’s character, Vikram, takes center stage as he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind these deaths. The storyline, though promising, encounters turbulence with a slow-paced and routine screenplay, especially in the first half. The director, V.J. Khanna, takes his time introducing characters and conflict points, which might test the patience of viewers seeking an immediate thrill.


While the screenplay might have its shortcomings, the cast shines with commendable performances. Vijay Dharan Datla exudes confidence in his portrayal of Vikram, navigating the complexities of the plot with conviction. Simran Gupta, with her good looks and compelling performance, leaves a lasting impression despite limited screen time. Ananya Nagalla, though with a smaller role, manages to make her presence felt. However, it’s Ajay Ghosh who steals the show with his performance. His portrayal adds depth to the narrative, elevating the overall viewing experience. The supporting cast, including Racha Ravi and Dil Ramesh, delivers what is expected of them, contributing to the film’s coherence.

The Cinematography:

Cinematographer K.K. Rao’s visuals stand out as a highlight of the film. The stunning portrayal of the mysterious forest and the atmospheric setting enhances the overall cinematic experience. The forest scenes, crucial to the storyline, are captured with an artistic flair that adds to the suspense and intrigue. The visual storytelling paints an evocative picture of Maredukona, creating a haunting backdrop for the unfolding drama. While the screenplay might falter in pacing, the cinematography succeeds in keeping the audience visually engaged.


Chaitan Bharadwaj’s background score proves to be a crucial element in building intrigue. The music composition adds a layer of suspense to the narrative, heightening the emotional impact of key scenes. The background score plays a pivotal role in creating the right atmosphere for a mystery thriller. It’s clear that the musical elements have been carefully curated to complement the storyline, contributing to the overall tension and suspense. In the realm of mystery thrillers, where sound can make or break a scene, Chaitan Bharadwaj’s work stands out as a commendable asset to the film.


Karthika Srinivas takes on the role of the editor, and while the editing is deemed okay, it doesn’t fully capitalize on the potential to enhance the pacing of the film. In a thriller, the importance of tight editing cannot be overstated. The first half, with its slow pacing and occasionally boring scenes, could have benefited from more dynamic editing to maintain a sense of urgency. However, the editing comes into its own in certain sequences, particularly in the second half, where the crime-centric scenes are more passable. Striking the right balance in editing is a nuanced task, and while “Anveshi” doesn’t fully achieve this, it manages to salvage some impact in crucial moments.

The Director’s Gamble:

V.J. Khanna, at the helm of the directorial responsibilities, takes a gamble with the film’s pacing and narrative structure. While the climax and action episodes are executed with finesse, the director falters in maintaining a consistently gripping narrative. The choice to spend ample time introducing characters and the conflict point might have been an attempt to build a strong foundation for the mystery, but it risks losing the audience’s interest in the process. A thriller’s success often hinges on its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and here, the director falls short in sustaining that level of engagement throughout the film.

Final Verdict:

In the end, “Anveshi” emerges as a film with both strengths and weaknesses. While the cast delivers commendable performances, and certain technical aspects, such as cinematography and music, contribute positively to the viewing experience, the film falls short in terms of a consistently gripping narrative. The director’s attempt to infuse suspense and horror into the storyline is commendable, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

For those who appreciate a slow burn and are willing to invest time in character development, “Anveshi” might offer moments of intrigue. However, for viewers seeking a more fast-paced and thrilling mystery, the film might prove to be a disappointing watch. Ultimately, “Anveshi” stands at the crossroads of potential and missed opportunities, leaving audiences with a mix of emotions and opinions.

Anveshi Review Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐ | 3/5

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Anveshi Telugu Movie Review: How is the Tollywood’s Latest Crime Thriller?

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