Baby Bandito Web Series Review: Netflix series with A Rollercoaster of Love, Heists, and Unforeseen Twists


Baby Bandito Web Series Review: Dive into the gripping world of ‘Baby Bandito,’ a daring blend of love, heists, and unforeseen twists. Follow skater Kevin Tapia as he risks it all for passion, leading to a thrilling escapade through crime and the intoxicating unpredictability of life on the run.

Baby Bandito Web Series Review: Netflix series with A Rollercoaster of Love, Heists, and Unforeseen Twists

In the vast landscape of Netflix offerings, “Baby Bandito” emerges as a captivating tale, blending the adrenaline rush of a daring heist with the complexities of love and social consequences. Directed by Julio Jorquera Arriagada, Fernando Guzzoni, and Pepa San Martín, this Chilean series introduces viewers to the rollercoaster life of Kevin Tapia, a risk-loving skater who masterminds a colossal heist for love. As we delve into the eight episodes, each averaging 44 minutes, let’s unravel the highs and lows of this true-crime-inspired escapade.

Baby Bandito Web Series Review Netflix series with A Rollercoaster of Love, Heists, and Unforeseen Twists
Baby Bandito Web Series Review

Web Series Details:

“Baby Bandito,” released on January 31, 2024, navigates the realms of crime and romance against the vibrant backdrop of Chile and the eternal allure of Rome. With its roots in the real-life “Heist of the Century” in Chile in 2014, the series sets out to tell a fictionalized dramatization with a disclaimer emphasizing its departure from strict factual representation.

Cast and Crew:

The series boasts a talented ensemble cast featuring Nicolás Contreras as the risk-taking skater Kevin Tapia, and Francisca Armstrong as his love interest, Genesis. The directors, Julio Jorquera Arriagada, Fernando Guzzoni, and Pepa San Martín, bring their collective vision to life, steering the narrative through the twists and turns of the heist and its aftermath. The supporting cast, including Pablo Macaya, Carmen Zabala, and Lukas Vergara, contributes to the ensemble’s dynamic portrayal.

About Baby Bandito Season 1:

“Baby Bandito” is not just a crime thriller but a nuanced exploration of how love and the pursuit of a better life can lead to unexpected consequences. Kevin Tapia’s journey, known as “Il Baby Bandito” in Europe, unfolds as he attempts to secure a future with Genesis through a daring $7 million heist plan stolen from the formidable gang known as the “Butchers.”

Baby Bandito Season 1 Episode List:

The series comprises eight gripping episodes, each offering a unique chapter in the unfolding drama. Viewers are taken on a wild ride through Kevin’s escapades, with episodes ranging from 35 to 45 minutes, ensuring an immersive experience with every installment.

Baby Bandito Season 1 Recap:

Recapping the series involves revisiting Kevin’s audacious heist and the subsequent consequences that transform him into the most wanted fugitive in Chile. The recap navigates the highs of the stolen fortune, the dangers faced by Kevin and Genesis on the run, and their escapade to Rome, where Kevin gains the moniker “Il Baby Bandito.”


At its core, “Baby Bandito” is a tale of risk, love, and the unintended consequences that follow. Kevin Tapia’s audacious plan to acquire wealth for the sake of love sets the stage for a thrilling narrative. As the series progresses, it pivots from the initial heist to explore the impact of newfound wealth on relationships and the perils of flaunting it on social media while being on the run.


The plot intricately weaves together elements of crime, romance, and social commentary. Kevin’s journey from a skateboarder in love to an international fugitive takes unexpected turns, offering viewers a front-row seat to the highs and lows of his choices. The narrative skillfully explores the repercussions of the heist, not just in terms of law enforcement but also in the dynamics of relationships and the harsh reality of life on the run.


Nicolás Contreras delivers a commendable performance, infusing Kevin Tapia with the rebellious spirit of a skater driven by love and risk. Francisca Armstrong adds depth to the narrative with her portrayal of Genesis, establishing a convincing chemistry with Contreras. The ensemble cast contributes to the series’ engaging narrative, ensuring that each character’s presence adds value to the overarching story.

Technical Aspects:

While the series successfully captures the essence of a thrilling heist and a tumultuous love story, its technical aspects leave room for scrutiny. The visuals, although competent, lean towards the generic, lacking the innovation that could elevate the series. The color grading, unfortunately, falls victim to a lack of inspiration, failing to match the rebellious spirit of the protagonist.

Plus Points:

“Baby Bandito” stands out in its exploration of contemporary themes, particularly the impact of social media on real-life consequences. The series cleverly integrates this aspect, turning the narrative into a commentary on the intersection of technology, love, and crime. The dynamic performances, especially by Contreras and Armstrong, contribute to the series’ overall appeal.

Minus Points:

The series faces drawbacks in its visual and color elements, with the cinematography and color grading falling short of expectations. While the plot offers a thrilling ride, the execution in terms of visuals lacks the innovation needed to make it truly stand out.


At the heart of “Baby Bandito” lies the meticulously planned heist, a daring escapade that becomes the central focus of the narrative. The series meticulously unravels the intricacies of the grandest heist in Chilean history, offering viewers a front-row seat to the planning, execution, and aftermath. This exploration of the heist serves as the narrative backbone, effectively capturing the high-stakes world of crime and the ripple effects that follow.

Beyond the adrenaline-pumping heist, “Baby Bandito” skillfully weaves a tale of romance into its intricate fabric. Kevin Tapia’s motivations are rooted in love, introducing a layer of complexity that elevates the series beyond a typical crime thriller. The narrative navigates the emotional nuances of Kevin’s relationship with Genesis, offering a unique perspective on the consequences of actions driven by love. This blend of romance with crime adds depth, engaging viewers on both an emotional and suspenseful level.

An underlying strength of the series lies in its ability to serve as a commentary on contemporary themes, with a particular focus on the impact of social media. The integration of virtual reality into the narrative transforms “Baby Bandito” into a multifaceted exploration of the digital age’s influence on real-world outcomes. This thematic depth adds layers to the storytelling, turning the series into more than just a crime thriller and inviting reflection on the intersection of technology, love, and crime.

The dynamics among the ensemble cast contribute significantly to the series’ narrative richness. Nicolás Contreras, in his portrayal of Kevin Tapia, infuses the character with the rebellious spirit of a risk-taking skater driven by love. Francisca Armstrong’s depiction of Genesis adds authenticity to the tumultuous love story, establishing a convincing chemistry with Contreras. The supporting cast further enhances the character dynamics, portraying the challenges faced by individuals entangled in a life of crime, thereby creating a compelling narrative tapestry.

While “Baby Bandito” excels in narrative strength, it faces criticism in its cinematic execution. The visuals, though competent, lack the innovation required to truly elevate the storytelling experience. The color grading, in particular, falls short of delivering a visually distinctive encounter. This cinematic critique underscores a missed opportunity to match the daring spirit of the protagonist with a more creative and visually captivating approach, leaving the series with unfulfilled potential in terms of its cinematic presentation.


“Baby Bandito” is a thrilling heist series that successfully balances the high-stakes world of crime with the complexities of love and social consequences. While the series excels in its exploration of contemporary themes and dynamic performances, it falls short in its cinematic execution. The generic visuals and uninspired color grading detract from an otherwise engaging narrative. Despite these drawbacks, the series remains an enjoyable watch, inviting viewers to delve into the unpredictable waves of Kevin Tapia’s tumultuous world. With a commendable score of 6/10, “Baby Bandito” offers a daring and entertaining ride through the highs and lows of love, heists, and unforeseen twists.

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