Dating Santa Review: A Heartwarming Christmas Movie or Festive Fiasco?

Dating Santa Review

Dating Santa Review: Dive into the holiday rollercoaster! 🎄 Is ‘Dating Santa’ a heartwarming festive delight or a tangled web of Christmas chaos? Uncover the secrets now! 🌟 #DatingSanta #ChristmasMovieMagic

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Dating Santa Review

In the enchanting realm of holiday cinema, “Dating Santa” emerges as a festive gem that seeks to weave love, family, and Christmas magic into a heartwarming tapestry. Directed by José Sierra and boasting a stellar cast including Ana Serradilla, David Chocarro, and Olivia Duflos, this Christmas family movie endeavors to deliver not just merriment but also a resonant tale of relationships amid the Yuletide season. As we unwrap the layers of this cinematic gift, let’s explore the movie details, the cast and crew behind the scenes, and the delightful essence that is ‘Dating Santa.’

Dating Santa Review

Dating Santa Movie Details:

With a runtime of 98 minutes, ‘Dating Santa’ invites viewers into a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, much like the twinkle lights that adorn our homes during the holiday season. Set against the backdrop of a quaint town, the film is designed to capture the festive spirit visually, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that becomes a character in itself. Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, this cinematic journey promises a blend of laughter, love, and Christmas cheer that is perfect for a cozy holiday watch.

Cast and Crew:

An ensemble cast brings the narrative to life, with Ana Serradilla leading the charge as Lucia, a single mother navigating the complexities of love and family. David Chocarro steps into the role of Sergio, a kind and understanding man thrust into the whirlwind of Lucia’s world. Olivia Duflos, portraying Lucia’s daughter Leo, adds a touch of innocence and wonder to the tale. Under the direction of José Sierra, the crew orchestrates a symphony of emotions, aiming to craft a Christmas movie that resonates with audiences across generations.

About ‘Dating Santa’:

At its core, ‘Dating Santa’ delves into the universal theme of love and the lengths one is willing to go to create magical moments. Lucia, a single mother, finds herself entangled in a web of lies as she endeavors to give her daughter Leo a Christmas to remember. When love comes knocking in the form of Sergio, a chef with a heart as warm as a cup of cocoa, Lucia’s world becomes a canvas of emotions. However, as secrets unravel and illusions shatter, the film explores the challenges of navigating relationships, particularly when children are involved.


The narrative pivots around Lucia and her close-knit relationship with Leo, who harbors the belief that she is a Christmas miracle granted by Santa himself. As Lucia and Sergio’s romance blossoms, Lucia opts to keep it a secret from her daughter, setting the stage for a charming yet complex tale. When Sergio, donned as Santa, inadvertently reveals the truth, the film takes an intriguing turn. The ensuing journey involves Sergio’s quest to win Leo’s acceptance, interwoven with moments of laughter, familial bonds, and the essence of the Christmas spirit.


While ‘Dating Santa’ traverses familiar territory of Christmas movie tropes, it introduces a layer of complexity by exploring the challenges faced by a single mother entering a new relationship. The plot unfolds with a blend of deception, humor, and heartfelt moments, making it a rollercoaster ride of emotions. However, as the story navigates these twists and turns, it occasionally veers into unbelievable scenarios and resolves conflicts conveniently, threatening to undermine the gravity of the issues at hand. The plot’s strength lies in its ability to balance the whimsy of Christmas with the genuine struggles faced by its characters.


Anchored by a trio of compelling performances, ‘Dating Santa’ benefits from the sincere portrayal of its lead actors. Ana Serradilla brings authenticity to Lucia, infusing her character with a mix of anxiety, caution, and the desire for happiness. David Chocarro’s portrayal of Sergio adds playful charm to the film, although at times, his emotional range feels constrained. Olivia Duflos, as the young Leo, steals hearts with her natural and convincing performance, effectively embodying the innocence and excitement that defines her character. The chemistry between the leads, while not groundbreaking, contributes to the film’s overall charm.

Technical Aspects:

Visually, ‘Dating Santa’ shines with festive brilliance, as the cinematography captures the quaint charm of the holiday season. The sets are adorned with vibrant decorations, creating a picturesque backdrop that immerses viewers in the Christmas spirit. The music, though unremarkable, complements the narrative effectively, enhancing the emotional beats of the story. However, the film falls short in leveraging certain technical aspects to elevate crucial moments, and there are instances where opportunities for impactful visuals or expressions are missed.

Plus Points:

Amidst its flaws, ‘Dating Santa’ boasts several redeeming qualities. The film succeeds in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a suitable choice for a festive watch. The performances, particularly from Olivia Duflos, inject sincerity and heart into the narrative. The visual appeal of the sets and the overall festive ambiance contribute to the film’s overall charm, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of Christmas.

Minus Points:

However, ‘Dating Santa’ is not without its shortcomings. The portrayal of Lucia as a somewhat toxic protagonist and Leo as an overly mature child may unsettle some viewers. The reliance on deception and lies as a narrative device feels forced and may be perceived as a shortcut to introduce conflict. The film occasionally stumbles into the realm of unbelievable scenarios, and the resolution of conflicts tends to be too convenient, detracting from the gravity of the issues presented.


‘Dating Santa’ undertakes the ambitious task of blending the whimsicality of Christmas with the complexities of real-world relationships. At its heart, the film explores the challenges faced by single parents entering new romantic territories, a theme that resonates with a broad audience. The character dynamics are intriguing, with Lucia grappling with her own insecurities while attempting to shield her daughter from potential heartbreak. Sergio’s character, while portrayed as understanding and kind, becomes the unwitting victim of Lucia’s web of lies, a narrative choice that elicits both sympathy and frustration from the audience.

The film’s decision to portray Leo as an unusually mature child adds an unconventional layer to the story. While the intent might be to emphasize the child’s role in shaping her mother’s happiness, it risks veering into territory where the child becomes the emotional anchor, a responsibility usually reserved for adults. This dynamic, though engaging, may create discomfort for viewers expecting a more traditional portrayal of familial relationships in Christmas movies.

The conflicts within the plot, while providing necessary hurdles for character development, at times feel manufactured and lacking in genuine consequences. The film’s resolution of conflicts appears hasty, with conflicts conveniently unraveling to pave the way for a tidy and expected happy ending. This approach may leave audiences longing for a deeper exploration of the challenges posed by blending families and navigating the intricacies of adult relationships during the holiday season.

Despite its narrative missteps, ‘Dating Santa’ manages to salvage its appeal through endearing performances and a visually captivating portrayal of Christmas festivities. The film’s ability to balance moments of laughter and familial warmth with the challenges of modern relationships contributes to its overall charm. While certain technical aspects could have been leveraged more effectively, the film succeeds in creating a space where viewers can escape into a world of festive enchantment.


In the realm of Christmas films, ‘Dating Santa’ holds its ground as a lighthearted and visually pleasing option for those seeking a cozy holiday watch. While it may not redefine the genre or offer a groundbreaking narrative, its endearing qualities, charming performances, and festive ambiance make it a suitable addition to the annual holiday movie marathon. As the credits roll, ‘Dating Santa’ leaves behind a sprinkle of Christmas magic, inviting viewers to embrace the imperfect yet heartwarming journey of love and family during the most wonderful time of the year.

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