Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review: Unraveling the Intrigue – A Deep Dive into the Exhilarating World of Global Living and Suspense!

Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review

Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review: Dive into the Global Maze: ‘Expats’ Amazon Prime Web Series Review – Where Intrigue Meets Exhilaration in a World of Global Living and Suspense!

Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review

The allure of mystery, the complexities of grief, and the expatriate experience converge in Amazon Prime’s latest offering, “Expats.” Directed by the acclaimed Lulu Wang and based on Janice Y.K. Lee’s novel, this six-episode series explores the lives of three American women in Hong Kong grappling with the aftermath of a heart-wrenching incident involving a missing boy, Gus. In this review, we delve into the intricate tapestry of “Expats,” evaluating its narrative, performances, and the resonance it achieves in portraying the expatriate existence.

Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review
Expats Amazon Prime Web Series Review

Web Series Details:

“Expats” unfolds its narrative canvas on Amazon Prime Video, providing viewers with a six-hour exploration of the expatriate life in Hong Kong. Released on January 26, the series is directed by Lulu Wang and boasts an ensemble cast led by the illustrious Nicole Kidman. The series weaves together the threads of affluence, friendships, and intense yet transient personal narratives within the expatriate community, offering a unique lens into a world where lives unfold on foreign soil.

Cast and Crew:

Nicole Kidman takes center stage as Margaret, a grieving mother, with stellar performances by Ji-young Yoo as Mercy, Sarayu Blue as Hilary, and Brian Tee as Clarke. The supporting cast, including Jack Huston, Bonde Sham, Flora Chan, and Ruby Ruiz, contributes to the series’ richness, each character adding depth to the multifaceted expatriate narrative. Lulu Wang’s direction and the adaptation of Janice Y.K. Lee’s novel showcase a collaborative effort that brings the story to life with authenticity.

About Expats Amazon Prime Web Series:

“Expats” navigates the aftermath of a tragic incident involving Gus, a little boy who goes missing in Hong Kong, setting the stage for a mystery that unfolds across six captivating episodes. The series is not just a crime drama; it is a poignant exploration of grief, sexism, classism, and the intricacies of relationships within the expatriate community. As the characters grapple with uncertainty and pain, the series eschews tidy resolutions, opting instead to sit with the messy truths of the human experience.

Expats Episode List:

The series comprises six hour-long episodes that skillfully unfold the narrative. Each episode is a chapter, delving deeper into the lives of the central characters and the expatriate community they inhabit. The episodic structure allows for a patient exploration of the characters’ emotions, relationships, and the consequences of the tragic event that haunts them.

Expats Recap:

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are introduced to Mercy, a 25-year-old grappling with existential questions about tragedies and their perpetrators. Margaret, played by Nicole Kidman, emerges as a shattered mother consumed by grief. Hilary, portrayed by Sarayu Blue, is entangled in a midlife crisis, navigating a crumbling relationship. The series extends its empathy beyond these characters to the broader expatriate community, offering glimpses into untold stories and unexplored corners of Hong Kong.


“Expats” presents a mystery that serves as a backdrop to the characters’ emotional journeys. The disappearance of Gus on an ordinary evening becomes a catalyst for exploring profound themes. The story weaves through the complexities of grief, fear, and the search for meaning in the face of tragedy. It transcends the boundaries of a typical crime drama, opting for a more nuanced exploration of the human condition.


The plot of “Expats” is not driven solely by the search for answers to the mystery but by the characters’ struggles to cope with loss and uncertainty. Margaret’s fragile emotional state, Mercy’s existential questioning, and Hilary’s midlife crisis create a tapestry of interconnected stories. The series ventures into the lives of peripheral characters, shedding light on their experiences within the expatriate community and the diverse socio-political landscape of Hong Kong.


Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of Margaret is a standout performance, capturing the fragility and devastation of a mother grieving the loss of her son. Ji-young Yoo brings depth to the character of Mercy, navigating the complexities of an aimless 25-year-old. Sarayu Blue and the supporting cast deliver compelling performances, contributing to the authenticity of the expatriate experience. The ensemble cast succeeds in portraying the messy truths and emotional complexities of their characters.

Technical Aspects:

Lulu Wang’s direction and the cinematography elevate “Expats” beyond a conventional crime drama. The series pays attention to detail, capturing the nuances of Hong Kong life, from the opulence of the expatriate community to the pro-democracy protests on the streets. The camera becomes a storyteller, picking up on details that enrich the narrative, even if they aren’t strictly relevant to the central plot. The technical prowess of the series enhances the viewer’s immersion in the expatriate world.

Plus Points:

“Expats” excels in its patient storytelling and compassionate exploration of complex themes. The series’s strength lies in its ability to sit with the messy truths of its characters, avoiding simplistic resolutions. The ensemble cast’s performances, particularly Nicole Kidman’s, contribute to the emotional depth of the narrative. The series’s exploration of the broader expatriate community adds layers of richness to the storytelling, offering a nuanced portrayal of the socio-cultural landscape in Hong Kong.

Minus Points:

While the detours into peripheral characters and communities enrich the narrative, a single episode may not feel sufficient to fully explore the complexities introduced. The finale, centered around the more privileged central trio, may leave viewers yearning for a more extended exploration of the stories introduced in previous episodes. The series’s ambitious scope occasionally results in underdeveloped subplots, leaving certain themes and characters less explored than others.


“Expats” distinguishes itself by transcending the boundaries of traditional crime dramas. It employs a deliberate pace, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate emotions of its characters. The series’s exploration of sexism, classism, and grief adds layers of depth to the narrative, creating a mosaic of interconnected stories within the expatriate community. By extending empathy beyond the central characters, “Expats” elevates itself beyond a domestic drama, becoming a lens through which viewers glimpse the diverse lives within the expatriate enclave.

The series’s in-depth analysis of peripheral characters, such as Hilary’s live-in helper Puri and the pro-democracy protesters, adds socio-political context to the expatriate experience. It confronts issues of privilege and cultural insensitivity within the expatriate community, challenging viewers to reflect on their own roles in unfamiliar environments. The series’s acknowledgment of the limitations of expatriate perspectives, as highlighted by Charly’s remark that certain struggles are not “your fight,” adds a layer of self-awareness to the narrative.

“Expats” excels in its portrayal of messy, imperfect characters navigating the aftermath of tragedy. Margaret’s shattering grief, Mercy’s aimless pursuits, and Hilary’s midlife crisis resonate with authenticity. The series’s refusal to offer neat resolutions or tidy arcs reflects a commitment to portraying the complexity of human emotions. While certain themes may feel underexplored due to the series’s ambitious scope, the in-depth analysis of expatriate life and the exploration of intersecting stories contribute to a rich and layered viewing experience.


In summary, “Expats” emerges as a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant exploration of expatriate life. Lulu Wang’s direction, coupled with stellar performances, brings depth to the series, transforming it into a captivating drama. While the series may have its moments of ambitious storytelling and underexplored themes, its commitment to portraying messy truths and complex emotions sets it apart. “Expats” is not merely a crime drama; it is a compassionate and nuanced portrayal of individuals grappling with the uncertainties and pain of existence within the expatriate enclave. The series invites viewers to reflect on their own roles in unfamiliar settings, making it a compelling and enriching watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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