Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Day 4 and Budget: Nani and Mrunal Thakur Exciting Star in Record-Breaking Collection! [Hit or Flop]

Hi Nanna Cast Salary and Budget

Get all details about Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Day 4 and budget

Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Day 4 and Budget

“Hi Nanna,” the latest offering from Natural Star Nani, has been creating ripples in the cinematic world with its heartwarming narrative. Directed by debutant Shouryuv and featuring a stellar cast including Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Baby Kiara Khanna, the film has been garnering attention for its emotional storytelling and impressive performances. As audiences flock to theaters to experience the poignant journey of a doting father and his six-year-old daughter, the film has not only earned critical acclaim but has also made its mark at the box office.

Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Day 4 and Budget

Hi Nanna Movie Over View

TitleHi Nanna
GenreDrama, Family, Romantic
Duration2h 35m
LanguageTelugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada
Release Date7 Dec, 2023
ProducersMohan Cherukuri (CVM), Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala
Music DirectorHesham Abdul Wahab
CinematographerSanu John Varghese
EditorPraveen Antony
BudgetRs. 50 Cr
Day 1 Collection₹ 4.9 Cr
Day 2 Collection₹ 4.05 Cr
Day 3 Collection₹ 7.42 Cr
Day 4 Expected CollectionRs. 8 Cr (Projected)

Hi Nanna Box Office Collection Day 4:

Hi Nanna Day-wise Collection:

DayIndia Net Collection (in Cr)Change (+/-)
Day 1₹ 4.9 Cr
Day 2₹ 4.05 Cr -17.35%
Day 3₹ 7.42 Cr 83.21%
Day 4Expected to collect Rs. 8 Cr at the Box Office

Hi Nanna Box Office Overview:

With a budget of Rs. 50 Cr, “Hi Nanna” has been making steady strides at the box office. The film’s Day 1 collection set the tone, followed by a slight dip on Day 2, only to bounce back triumphantly on Day 3. The positive trajectory is expected to continue with an anticipated collection of Rs. 8 Cr on Day 4.

Hi Nanna Day-wise Collection Summary:

  • Day 1: A promising start with ₹ 4.9 Cr.
  • Day 2: Witnessed a slight decline at ₹ 4.05 Cr.
  • Day 3: Surged ahead with a robust collection of ₹ 7.42 Cr.
  • Day 4 (Expected): Projections indicate a healthy collection of Rs. 8 Cr.

Hi Nanna Budget:

The film, made on a budget of Rs. 50 Cr, has been receiving acclaim not only for its emotional narrative but also for managing to strike a balance between its budget constraints and cinematic brilliance. The financial investment in the project has translated into compelling storytelling, high production values, and stellar performances.

Hi Nanna Review:

“Hi Nanna” has been praised for its strong storyline, emotional depth, and stellar performances. Mrunal Thakur’s role is acknowledged as the heart and soul of the film, bringing depth and authenticity to the narrative. Nani, in his familiar territory of portraying relatable characters, once again shines with his heart-touching performance. Baby Kiara Khanna’s adorable portrayal adds to the film’s charm.

While the initial portions of the love story are deemed somewhat routine, the movie gains momentum from the pre-interval sequence. The film is applauded for its emotional moments and well-executed twists, keeping the audience engaged. However, it is noted that the movie may connect more strongly with A-center audiences than with the masses.

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Is Hi Nanna Hit or Flop?

“Hi Nanna” appears to be leaning towards the status of a hit. The film had a strong opening at the box office, both in India and abroad, particularly in the US. The day 1 collections, especially in the US, were notable. Additionally, the movie is currently ranked as the 11th highest opening of 2023 for a Telugu movie.

Critical reception has been generally positive, with praise for performances, writing, and the ending. However, audience reception has been mixed, with some appreciating the emotional impact while others have criticisms, including aspects like pacing and predictability.

From a financial perspective, considering the strong opening collections and positive reviews, “Hi Nanna” is likely to be profitable. It’s important to note that the final verdict on the film’s success will depend on its long-term performance and sustained audience engagement.

Hi Nanna End Note:

In summary, “Hi Nanna” stands as a testament to the power of emotional storytelling and strong performances. With a budget of Rs. 50 Cr and a promising box office performance, the film is making its mark in the hearts of audiences. Whether it’s Nani’s natural charisma, Mrunal Thakur’s compelling portrayal, or Baby Kiara Khanna’s adorable presence, the film has successfully carved its niche in the family drama genre. As audiences continue to embrace this heartfelt tale, “Hi Nanna” is poised to leave a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape.

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