Karmma Calling Hotstar Review: Raveena Tandon’s Sizzling Performance Sets the Screen Ablaze – Unveiling the Secrets of Alibaug’s Elite!

Karmma Calling Hotstar Review

Karmma Calling Hotstar Review: Uncover the Riveting Saga: Karmma Calling Hotstar Review – Raveena Tandon’s Spellbinding Act Ignites the Screen!

Karmma Calling Hotstar Review

In the sprawling landscape of the digital content realm, where every click demands substance, “Karmma Calling” emerges as the latest entrant. This Hindi-language drama thriller, an official adaptation of the American series “Revenge,” promises a rollercoaster ride of betrayal, vengeance, and high-stakes drama. As viewers buckle up for this journey, let’s dissect the series to discern whether it stands out amid the plethora of content vying for attention.

Karmma Calling Hotstar Review
Karmma Calling

Web Series Details:

Directed by Ruchi Narain, “Karmma Calling” is produced by Ashutosh Shah under the banner of R.A.T Films. The star-studded cast includes seasoned actress Raveena Tandon in the lead role of Indrani Kothari, alongside Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood, and Vikramjeet Virk. Premiering on Disney+ Hotstar on January 26, 2024, the series encapsulates the glamour and intrigue that surrounds the elite society in the scenic setting of Alibaug.

Cast and Crew:

Raveena Tandon takes center stage as the powerful and enigmatic Indrani Kothari, while Namrata Sheth essays the role of Karma Talwar, a young woman seeking retribution for her father’s unjust fate. Varun Sood and Vikramjeet Virk add depth to the narrative with their respective characters, Ahaan Kothari and Sameer. With Ruchi Narain at the helm of direction, the series is poised to deliver a fresh take on the acclaimed American show.

About Karmma Calling Web Series:

Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s classic, “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and adapted from Mike Kelley’s “Revenge,” “Karmma Calling” unfolds a tale as old as time. The storyline revolves around Karma Talwar, portrayed by Namrata Sheth, a young woman infiltrating the opulent world of the super-rich in Alibaug. Driven by a quest for justice, Karma targets the Kothari family, led by the formidable Indrani Kothari, played by Raveena Tandon.

Karmma Calling Episode List:

The series unfolds over seven episodes, each a piece in the intricate puzzle of Karma’s grand plan. From her entry into the Alibaug circle to her strategic moves targeting individuals connected to her father’s downfall, the episode list weaves a narrative tapestry filled with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists. From “Karm” to “Vaada,” each installment builds on the tension, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next move in Karma’s game.

Karmma Calling Recap:

As the series progresses, Karma’s vendetta against the Kothari family becomes increasingly complex. From wooing Ahaan Kothari to confronting her father’s convict, Karma navigates the high society of Alibaug with calculated precision. Her alliances, secrets, and confrontations paint a vivid picture of a woman on a mission, unraveling a tale that blurs the lines between right and wrong. The recap serves as a reminder of the intricacies that drive the narrative forward.


“Karmma Calling” intricately weaves a story of revenge, unveiling the layers of deception that shroud the lives of the privileged in Alibaug. The central theme revolves around Karma’s pursuit of justice for her wronged father, adding emotional depth to the otherwise glamorous backdrop. The narrative explores the consequences of betrayal, the complexity of relationships, and the high price of vengeance in a world where power and wealth dictate the rules.


While the plot borrows from the American series “Revenge,” “Karmma Calling” attempts to carve its unique identity by transplanting the tale to the Indian milieu. Set against the lavish backdrop of Alibaug, the plot delves into the complexities of societal hierarchies, familial bonds, and the consequences of wielding power recklessly. As Karma executes her revenge plan, the plot unfolds with a mix of suspense, drama, and emotional resonance, making it a potent cocktail for viewers seeking a blend of glamour and substance.


The series boasts a star-studded cast, yet the performances have garnered mixed reviews. Raveena Tandon, known for her stellar contributions to Indian cinema, is described as appearing somewhat raw in her portrayal of Indrani Kothari. Namrata Sheth’s performance as Karma is met with varied opinions, with some praising her for capturing the essence of the character, while others find room for improvement. Varun Sood and Vikramjeet Virk contribute adequately, but the ensemble cast seems to lack the finesse needed to elevate the performances to a truly exceptional level.

Technical Aspects:

While the series attempts to capture the opulence and sophistication of high society through its visuals, the technical aspects receive a mixed bag of reviews. The fashion choices, criticized as tacky, fail to exude the expected style befitting the elite class. The Alibaug setting, though picturesque, is deemed lacking in the required panache. The cinematography and editing are serviceable but fall short of creating a truly immersive experience.

Plus Points:

The series does manage to offer a fresh alternative to the prevalent trend of macho violence dominating streaming platforms. In a landscape filled with crime dramas and action-packed narratives, “Karmma Calling” provides a narrative that leans towards a more nuanced exploration of betrayal, revenge, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Minus Points:

Despite its attempts to stand out, “Karmma Calling” is not without its flaws. The plot, while engaging, follows a somewhat predictable trajectory, and the performances, though competent, lack the standout moments that could elevate the series to greatness. The technical aspects, from fashion choices to cinematography, leave room for improvement, detracting from the overall viewing experience.


In the digital age of storytelling, “Karmma Calling” emerges as a tapestry of drama, revenge, and societal intricacies. At its core, the web series intricately weaves a narrative of betrayal and retribution, drawing inspiration from the American series “Revenge.” Set against the opulent backdrop of Alibaug, the series introduces viewers to a world of privilege and power, where the Kothari family reigns supreme. As the story unfolds, the character dynamics and relationships within this affluent society take center stage, exploring the complexities that fuel the overarching plot.

Amidst the glamorous setting, the characters, led by Raveena Tandon as Indrani Kothari and Namrata Sheth as Karma Talwar, navigate a landscape of love, deception, and vendettas. The performances, while competent, are met with mixed reviews, with Tandon’s portrayal appearing somewhat raw. The series endeavors to provide a fresh alternative to the prevalent trend of macho violence, steering towards a nuanced exploration of betrayal and its consequences. However, the ensemble cast’s execution leaves room for improvement, as the narrative unfolds in a world where power and wealth dictate the rules.

The visual aesthetics of “Karmma Calling” are scrutinized for their contribution to the narrative. The series, criticized for lacking the expected panache in its depiction of the elite class, grapples with fashion choices and cinematography that fall short of creating a truly immersive experience. While the Alibaug setting serves as a picturesque backdrop, the technical aspects of the series receive a mixed bag of reviews. The show’s attempt to capture the sophistication of high society through its visuals faces scrutiny for missing the mark in terms of style and finesse.

As the plot unfolds over seven episodes, each installment becomes a piece in the intricate puzzle of Karma’s grand plan. The character development of Karma, portrayed by Namrata Sheth, takes center stage. From her entry into the Alibaug circle to her strategic moves targeting individuals connected to her father’s downfall, the evolution of Karma’s character becomes a focal point of analysis. The series delves into societal commentary, reflecting on themes of privilege, betrayal, and the consequences of living in luxury. As the narrative progresses, “Karmma Calling” becomes a mirror reflecting certain aspects of contemporary society.

In the grand tapestry of this web series, the verdict remains subjective. “Karmma Calling” stands as a crossroads between ambition and execution, offering a distinctive narrative while falling short in certain crucial aspects. The exploration of betrayal, revenge, and societal dynamics adds a touch of sophistication to the digital landscape, making the series an alternative for viewers seeking substance beyond conventional action-packed dramas. While not flawless, “Karmma Calling” leaves room for individual interpretation, asserting its place in the diverse world of digital storytelling.


“Karmma Calling” stands at the crossroads of ambition and execution. While the series offers a distinctive narrative in the realm of Indian web content, it falls short in certain crucial aspects. The performances, though competent, lack the finesse needed to elevate the characters to memorable heights. The technical aspects, particularly in terms of fashion and aesthetics, leave room for improvement. Despite these drawbacks, the series manages to carve a niche with its exploration of betrayal, revenge, and societal dynamics. For viewers seeking a departure from conventional action-packed dramas, “Karmma Calling” provides an alternative that, while not flawless, adds a touch of sophistication to the digital landscape. As the credits roll on this tale of retribution, the verdict remains subjective, leaving room for individual interpretation in the vast world of digital storytelling.

Karmma Calling’s all Episodes are strameing on Disney Plus Hotstar

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