Lift Movie Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot, Budget, Trailer, and more

Lift Movie Release Date on Netflix

Everything you need to know about the Lift Movie Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot, Budget, Trailer, and more

Lift Movie Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot, Budget, Trailer, and more

In the pulsating realm of cinema, a new blockbuster is poised to grace our screens, promising an adrenaline-charged journey through the clouds. “Lift,” a heist comedy directed by the seasoned F. Gary Gray and featuring the dynamic Kevin Hart in the lead role, is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and suspense. This cinematic escapade, enveloped in an atmosphere of high-flying intrigue, introduces us to a master thief and her former flame embarking on a daring mission to snatch $100 million in gold bullion from a 777 passenger flight. As we delve into the intricacies of this action-packed spectacle, let’s unravel the details that make “Lift” an eagerly anticipated addition to the world of entertainment.

Lift Movie Release Date on Netflix
Lift Movie On Netflix
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime
DirectorF. Gary Gray
WriterDaniel Kunka
ProducersKevin Hart, Brian Smiley, Matt Reeves, Adam Kassan, Simon Kinberg, Audrey Chon
CinematographyBernhard Jasper
MusicDominic Lewis, Guillaume Roussel
Production CompaniesGenre Films, Hartbeat Productions, 6th & Idaho Productions
Release DateJanuary 12, 2024
Running Time104 minutes
CountryUnited States
Main CastKevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Jacob Batalon, Jean Reno, Sam Worthington
BudgetEstimated at US $70 million

Movie Details:

“Lift” is a product of collaborative genius, with the script penned by Daniel Kunka and produced by a powerhouse ensemble including Kevin Hart, Brian Smiley, Matt Reeves, Adam Kassan, Simon Kinberg, and Audrey Chon. The film, shot with finesse by cinematographer Bernhard Jasper, promises a symphony of emotions set against the picturesque backdrops of Italy and Northern Ireland during principal photography from February to May 2022.

Cast and Crew:

The movie boasts an impressive ensemble cast, featuring Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Jacob Batalon, Jean Reno, and Sam Worthington. This star-studded lineup is orchestrated under the expert direction of F. Gary Gray, known for his work in iconic films like “Friday” and “Men in Black: International.” The collaboration of these talents ensures a cinematic experience that transcends the ordinary, promising a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.

About Lift Movie:

“Lift” is not just another heist comedy; it’s an adrenaline-infused rollercoaster that sees a master thief, portrayed by Kevin Hart, coerced into an impossible heist by the FBI and his ex-girlfriend. The twist? The entire operation unfolds on a 777-passenger flight from London to Zurich, involving a daring attempt to foil a terrorist attack. With a plot that seamlessly blends humor and heart-stopping action, the movie promises a classic thrill ride that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Release Date:

Mark your calendars for January 12, 2024, as Netflix is set to unleash “Lift” to a global audience. Initially scheduled for release on August 25, 2023, the film faced a brief postponement due to the impact of the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike on its promotional activities. The delay, however, only heightened the anticipation surrounding this high-octane adventure.

Premiere Schedule:

RegionRelease Date
United StatesJan 12, 2024
GlobalJan 12, 2024


The heart of “Lift” lies in its riveting storyline. The film follows the escapades of a master thief, portrayed by Kevin Hart, and her ex-boyfriend, as they join forces to pilfer $100 million in gold bullion during a 777 passenger flight. The tension escalates as they navigate the challenges presented by both the heist itself and the looming threat of a terrorist attack. F. Gary Gray skillfully directs this symphony of chaos, ensuring that every scene resonates with suspense, humor, and unexpected twists.


Picture this: a 777-passenger flight soaring through the skies, the stage for a heist that could change the lives of our protagonists forever. Kevin Hart’s character, a master thief, reluctantly teams up with the FBI and his ex-girlfriend for a seemingly impossible mission. The goal? To outsmart the odds and liberate $100 million in gold from the clutches of a secure airborne vault. As the plot unfolds, the stakes skyrocket, weaving a narrative that seamlessly combines heart-pounding action with comedic brilliance.


The grandeur of “Lift” extends beyond its storyline and star-studded cast—it comes with a budget estimated at around US $70 million. This significant investment underscores the commitment to delivering a cinematic masterpiece that not only entertains but also dazzles with its production values. From the picturesque locations to the high-octane sequences, every dollar invested in this film contributes to its overall spectacle.


Final Thoughts:

As the countdown to the release of “Lift” begins, one cannot help but feel the palpable excitement surrounding this cinematic gem. With a perfect blend of humor, suspense, and action, the film has all the ingredients to become a classic in the heist comedy genre. Kevin Hart’s foray into a role that combines his comedic prowess with intense action is a testament to the film’s unique appeal. Under the direction of F. Gary Gray and with a stellar supporting cast, “Lift” promises to transport audiences to new heights of entertainment. Buckle up for a thrilling ride as the heist begins at 40,000 feet, and prepare to be lifted into a world where laughter and suspense coalesce in a cinematic symphony.

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