LLB Malayalam Movie Review: Sreenath Bhasi Shines in a Unique Campus Drama


LLB Malayalam Movie Review: LLB unfolds the heartwarming journey of Sreenath Bhasi and a stellar cast through law college. A refreshing take on campus life, brimming with emotions and unexpected turns. A must-watch Malayalam drama!

LLB Malayalam Movie Review

The Malayalam film industry has witnessed the much-anticipated release of “LLB,” a drama-thriller directed by A.M. Sidhique. As the film hits the screens, it brings forth a narrative that revolves around the lives of three LLB students – Sibi, Sanju, and Salman, portrayed by the talented ensemble cast of Sreenath Bhasi, Vishak Nair, and Aswanth Lal. With the promise of a deep dive into campus life and unexpected legal adventures, “LLB” sets the stage for an immersive cinematic experience.

LLB Malayalam Movie Review
LLB Malayalam Movie Review

Movie Details:

Released on February 2, 2024, in India, “LLB” is a 2-hour and 2-minute long Malayalam film categorized under Drama and Thriller genres. Directed by A.M. Sidhique, the film features a notable cast, including Anoop Menon, Sudheesh Kozhikode, and Sreejith Ravi. The music is composed by Bijibal and Kailas Menon, adding a melodic touch to the narrative, while Faisal Ali handles the cinematography. Produced by Mujeeb Randathani, the film promises to offer a unique perspective on the lives of law students.

Cast and Crew:

“LLB” boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Sreenath Bhasi taking the lead, supported by Anoop Menon, Vishak Nair, Aswathlal, Sudheesh Kozhikode, Sreejith Ravi, and others. The directorial expertise comes from A.M. Sidhique, while the film’s producer is Mujeeb Randathani. The technical team includes Faisal Ali as the cinematographer, Athul Vijay as the editor, and Bijibal and Kailas Menon as the music composers. The collective effort of the cast and crew promises a captivating exploration of friendships, college moments, and the legal adventures that unfold in the lives of the LLB students.

About ‘LLB Malayalam Movie:

“LLB” takes a departure from the conventional campus dramas by offering a sentimental family drama set within the confines of a law college. Unlike its title, which may suggest a focus on the life of students in law colleges, the film intricately weaves together the elements of nostalgia, family bonds, and unexpected twists. Directed by A.M. Sidhique, the movie navigates through the complexities of legal studies, presenting a unique blend of emotions and experiences that transcend the typical campus movie narrative.


The narrative of “LLB” revolves around three LLB students – Sibi, Sanju, and Salman – played by Sreenath Bhasi, Vishak Nair, and Aswanth Lal, respectively. The film promises to delve into their lives, exploring the intricacies of friendships, memorable college moments, and the various events that shape their journey through legal studies. The unexpected incident that affects their academic and personal life serves as a turning point, adding layers of complexity to the storyline. As the characters navigate through challenges, the film unfolds a gripping tale that goes beyond the conventional campus drama.


The plot of “LLB” is set against the backdrop of a law college, introducing the audience to the vibrant lives of Sibi, Sanju, and Salman. The initial scenes promise a trip down memory lane, capturing the essence of the first day of college and the nostalgia associated with it. However, the film takes a unique turn by not delving into the typical firebrand politics or romantic dramas often associated with campus movies. Instead, it chooses to explore a more sentimental and family-oriented narrative, set within the dynamic environment of a law college. The plot unfolds with small twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged and offering a fresh perspective on the lives of LLB students.


The performances in “LLB” are commendable, with Sreenath Bhasi leading the pack with his portrayal of Sibi. Having made a comeback, Bhasi showcases his acting prowess, delivering a subtle and nuanced performance that resonates with the audience. Vishak Nair and Aswanth Lal, playing Sanju and Salman, respectively, contribute to the film’s intrigue with consistent and compelling performances. The supporting cast, including Sudheesh Kozhikode and Sreejith Ravi, adds depth to the characters, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Manoj K U’s notable performance deserves a special mention, adding value to the narrative.

Technical Aspects:

“LLB” stands out for its technical brilliance, evident in the vivid cinematography by Faisal Ali. The seamless editing by Athul Vijay ensures a smooth flow of the narrative, and the color grading by Liju Prabhakar enhances the visual appeal. The musical composition by Bijibal and Kailas Menon, featuring lyrics crafted by Santhosh Varma and Manu Manjith, adds a melodic touch to the film. Sujith Raghav’s art direction, Saji Kattakkada’s makeup artistry, and Aravind KR’s costume design contribute to the overall aesthetics, creating a holistic cinematic experience. The film’s technical team collaborates to create a visually engaging and emotionally resonant narrative.

Plus Points:

The film’s plus points lie in its unique approach to the campus movie genre. By deviating from the typical portrayal of law college life, “LLB” offers a fresh perspective, focusing on sentimentality and family bonds. The performances, particularly by Sreenath Bhasi, add significant value, keeping the audience invested in the characters’ journeys. The technical brilliance, including cinematography, editing, and music composition, elevates the overall viewing experience. The small twists and turns in the plot contribute to the film’s engaging narrative, making it stand out in the crowded landscape of campus dramas.

Minus Points:

While “LLB” has its moments of brilliance, some aspects may fall short of expectations. The humor in the movie, although attempted, may not land effectively, and some dialogue sequences might miss the mark in delivering the intended impact. Additionally, certain characters, including Vishak Nair’s Sanju, may feel underplayed, affecting the overall balance of character dynamics. Despite these minor drawbacks, the film manages to deliver a subtle yet effective message, making it a worthwhile watch.

Movie Analysis:

“LLB” distinguishes itself by not succumbing to the clichés associated with campus dramas. The film takes a risk by exploring a sentimental family drama within the context of a law college, deviating from the typical tropes of firebrand politics or romantic entanglements. A.M. Sidhique’s direction successfully navigates this uncharted territory, presenting Kozhikode’s beauty through visuals and dialogues. The songs by Bijibal are integrated seamlessly into the narrative, enhancing the film’s emotional depth. Sreenath Bhasi’s strong comeback, coupled with Aswanth Lal’s brilliant performance, anchors the movie. Despite some shortcomings in humor execution, “LLB” manages to deliver its message subtly and effectively, offering a unique cinematic experience.


In conclusion, “LLB” emerges as a promising cinematic venture that transcends the boundaries of conventional campus dramas. With a stellar cast delivering noteworthy performances, skillful direction by A.M. Sidhique, and a technical team that excels in cinematography and music composition, the film offers a refreshing take on law college life. While it may have its minor flaws, the overall experience is enriched by the emotional depth, engaging narrative, and subtle messaging. “LLB” is a worthwhile watch for those seeking a unique blend of sentimentality, campus life, and legal adventures in the realm of Malayalam cinema.

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