Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review: Nostalgia Unleashed, but Chemistry Falters – VJ Rakshan and Malina Atul in the Spotlight

Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review

Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review: A Hilarious Journey Back to School with VJ Rakshan and Malina Atul, but Love’s a Tough Subject!

Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review

Marakkuma Nenjam, a Tamil film directed by Raako Yoagandran, attempts to weave a narrative around the nostalgia of returning to school after a decade. Released on February 2, 2024, the movie delves into the lives of students from the 2008 batch of a convent school who are compelled to reappear for their board exams due to a court order. The film aims to balance comedy and drama while exploring themes of love, friendship, and the impact of revisiting the past.

Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review
Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie Review

Movie Details:

Running for 2 hours and 17 minutes, Marakkuma Nenjam is a 2D Tamil film catering to a broad audience with a U (Universal) rating. The movie features a talented cast, including VJ Rakshan, Dheena Moorthi, Malina Atul, Rahul Sinha, Swetha Venugopal, Munishkanth, and Muthazhagan Dhrona. With a soundtrack crafted by Sachin Warrier and lyrics by Thamarai, the film aims to strike a chord with the audience through its music and storytelling.

Cast and Crew:

The ensemble cast brings diverse talents to the screen, led by VJ Rakshan as Karthik and Malina Atul as Priyadarshini. Dheena Moorthi, Rahul Sinha, Swetha Venugopal, Munishkanth, and Muthazhagan Dhrona round out the supporting cast. The film is helmed by director Raako Yoagandran, with Yenduru Janardhan Chowdary, Raghu Yelluru, and Ramesh Panchagnula serving as producers. Sachin Warrier’s musical compositions contribute to the film’s overall ambiance.

About ‘Marakkuma Nenjam Tamil Movie:

Marakkuma Nenjam unfolds as the 2008 batch of a school is forced to revisit their alma mater and endure three months of intensive board exam preparation following a court order. The narrative centers around Karthik (VJ Rakshan) and his enduring, unrequited love for Priyadarshini (Malina Atul). The film seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia, portraying the challenges and emotions these grown adults face as they return to their school environment.


The plot revolves around the peculiar situation where the 2008 batch students, now well into their adulthood, are required to leave behind their current lives and careers to fulfill the court-mandated reexamination. The central focus is on Karthik’s unyielding love for Priyadarshini, a theme that runs parallel to the main storyline. While the premise promises a unique blend of comedy and drama, the execution struggles to create a compelling and relatable narrative.


The primary narrative thrust is driven by the students’ return to their school, with the impending board exams serving as the crux of the storyline. However, the film’s plotline falters in its attempt to engage the audience emotionally. The flashback sequences depicting the characters’ school days lack the depth needed to justify the intensity of Karthik’s decade-long love. The forced nature of the situation and the unconvincing portrayal of adult actors as teenagers hinder the audience’s immersion into the plot.


Despite a promising premise, Marakkuma Nenjam falls short in terms of performances. VJ Rakshan and Malina Atul, portraying the central characters, struggle to convey the depth of emotion required for the audience to empathize with their journey. The flashback scenes, meant to establish the foundation of Karthik’s enduring love, lack the authenticity needed to make the characters and their emotions believable. In contrast, Dheena Moorthi stands out with a solid performance as Karthik’s friend Salim, injecting much-needed humor into the narrative.

Technical Aspects:

Sachin Warrier’s musical prowess emerges as the highlight of Marakkuma Nenjam. The soundtrack, skillfully crafted, manages to capture the intended mood more effectively than the film itself. However, the technical aspects, including cinematography and editing, struggle to elevate the overall viewing experience. The film’s attempt to portray school-time scenes with adult actors falls short, making the exaggerated mannerisms of teenagers feel contrived.

Plus Points:

One undeniable positive aspect of Marakkuma Nenjam lies in Sachin Warrier’s enchanting soundtrack. The music not only complements the film’s mood but, in some instances, surpasses the impact of the narrative. Additionally, Dheena Moorthi’s portrayal of Salim provides moments of comic relief, injecting a breath of fresh air into an otherwise lackluster storytelling attempt.

Minus Points:

Unfortunately, Marakkuma Nenjam suffers from several drawbacks. The unconvincing performances of the lead actors, coupled with a plot that struggles to evoke genuine emotions, hinder the film’s overall impact. The film’s reliance on clichés related to school life and its failure to explore the romance angle effectively contribute to its lackluster portrayal of the central theme.

Movie Analysis:

Marakkuma Nenjam, despite its intriguing premise, fails to deliver a cohesive and emotionally resonant narrative. The film’s attempt to blend comedy and drama falls flat due to unconvincing performances, particularly from the lead actors. The central theme of unrequited love lacks the depth needed to make the audience root for the characters. The portrayal of school-time scenes with adult actors feels artificial, hindering the immersion into the storyline. While Sachin Warrier’s music stands out as a clear highlight, the film’s technical aspects struggle to enhance the overall viewing experience.


In conclusion, Marakkuma Nenjam falls into the category of forgettable school-themed films. Despite its potential for nostalgia and emotion, the film succumbs to predictability and clichés, leaving the audience questioning the repetitive nature of such narratives. While Dheena Moorthi’s performance and the enchanting soundtrack add some value, they aren’t sufficient to salvage the film from its lackluster portrayal of the central theme. Overall, Marakkuma Nenjam fails to leave a lasting impression and struggles to resonate with the audience on a deeper level.

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