The Archies Movie FIRST Review OUT: Suhana Khan’s Stunning Debut, Agastya Nanda’s Breakout Performance, and the Surprising Twist That Will Leave You Speechless!

The Archies Movie Release Date

The Archies Movie FIRST Review OUT: 🌟 Brace Yourself for the Ultimate Cinematic Journey! Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor Shine Bright in ‘The Archies’ – A Musical Rollercoaster of Nostalgia and New Beginnings! 🚀✨ #TheArchiesMagic

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The Archies Movie FIRST Review OUT: Suhana Khan’s Stunning Debut, Agastya Nanda’s Breakout Performance, and the Surprising Twist That Will Leave You Speechless!

“The Archies,” directed by Zoya Akhtar, is a delightful trip down memory lane, bringing to life the beloved characters from the iconic Archie Comics in a vibrant and musical 1960s setting. As anticipation for its release builds, the star-studded cast, including Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor, and others, promises an entertaining and emotionally resonant experience. In this review, we’ll delve into the various aspects that make “The Archies” a standout addition to the world of Bollywood.

The Archies Movie FIRST Review OUT

The Archies Movie Cast and Crew:

Zoya Akhtar, known for her exceptional directorial skills, leads the charge in bringing the Archie Comics to the big screen. The cast, featuring star kids such as Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor, Mihir Ahuja, Vedang Raina, Aditi Dot, and Yuvraj Menda, showcases a blend of emerging talents and seasoned performers. With a creative team that includes Reema Kagti as the writer and Nikos Andritsakis handling cinematography, “The Archies” boasts a crew dedicated to capturing the essence of youth, rebellion, and first loves.

About The Archies Movie:

Set against the backdrop of the 1960s, “The Archies” is a musical drama that breathes life into the cherished Archie Comics characters. The film promises an experience bursting with the vibrancy of youth, rebellion, friendships, and the trials of young adulthood. Produced by Tiger Baby Films, Archie Comics, and Graphic India, this cinematic adaptation holds the potential to resonate with both fans of the original comics and new audiences.


The narrative of “The Archies” unfolds in the picturesque town of Riverdale, as envisioned by Zoya Akhtar. The story revolves around the lives of a group of friends—Veronica Lodge (Suhana Khan), Archie Andrews (Agastya Nanda), Reggie Mantle (Vedang Raina), Betty Cooper (Khushi Kapoor), Jughead (Mihir Ahuja), Ethel Muggs (Aditi Dot), and Dilton Doiley (Yuvraj Menda). These characters navigate the challenges of adolescence, exploring themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery.


The plot seamlessly weaves together the various threads of the characters’ lives, capturing the essence of the Archie Comics’ charm. Set in a time of cultural shifts and societal transformations, the film explores the dynamics of friendship and romance, interwoven with the characters’ individual journeys. As the gang navigates the ups and downs of teenage life, the storyline promises a mix of laughter, emotion, and a touch of nostalgia.


The young and talented cast of “The Archies” delivers commendable performances that breathe life into the iconic characters. Suhana Khan, in her debut role as Veronica Lodge, surprises with her coquettish, vulnerable, and sassy portrayal. Agastya Nanda, as Archie Andrews, exhibits a strong screen presence, hinting at a promising future in the industry. Khushi Kapoor’s performance as Betty Cooper is lauded for its heart-touching moments, reminiscent of her iconic mother, Sridevi. Each member of the ensemble cast contributes to the film’s overall appeal, creating a synergy that enhances the viewing experience.

Technical Aspects:

Zoya Akhtar’s directorial prowess shines through in every frame, transporting the audience to the bygone era with impeccable production design, cinematography, choreography, and costume design. The film’s attention to detail and aesthetic victories contribute to the overall immersive experience. The musical elements, courtesy of Ankur Tiwari and Islanders, add another layer to the storytelling, creating a cinematic journey that engages the senses.

Plus Points:

“The Archies” excels in its ability to balance entertainment with emotional depth. The film seamlessly integrates elements of teenage angst, friendship, and societal changes, providing a nuanced narrative that resonates with a broad audience. The performances of the lead cast, the meticulous attention to period-specific details, and the nostalgic nods to the original comics contribute to the film’s charm.

Minus Points:

While “The Archies” successfully captures the spirit of the Archie Comics, some viewers may find certain moments predictable or reminiscent of other coming-of-age tales. The film, in its attempt to pay homage to the source material, might rely on familiar tropes, potentially leaving some audiences wanting more originality in certain aspects of the plot.


Dive into the captivating world of “The Archies,” where the timeless charm of the beloved Archie Comics comes to life on the big screen. Directed by the brilliant Zoya Akhtar, this cinematic adaptation takes us on a journey back to the vibrant and rebellious era of the 1960s.

With a star-studded cast featuring Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor, the film promises not only a nostalgic ride for fans of the original comics but also a fresh and engaging narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages.

As we embark on this adventure, let’s dissect the film’s intricate layers, exploring the performances, technical brilliance, and the delicate balance it strikes between homage and modern appeal.

“The Archies” is more than just a movie; it’s a celebration of youth, friendship, and the enduring spirit of the iconic characters we’ve come to love.

  • Capturing the Essence of Riverdale: Zoya Akhtar’s direction skillfully recreates the world of Riverdale, immersing the audience in the charm of small-town life. The film’s attention to detail, from the quaint settings to the fashion of the ’60s, creates a visually appealing backdrop for the characters’ adventures.
  • Performances that Shine: The ensemble cast’s chemistry elevates the film, with standout performances from each member. Suhana Khan’s unexpected charm, Agastya Nanda’s compelling screen presence, and Khushi Kapoor’s emotive portrayal contribute to the film’s success. The actors’ ability to embody the spirit of the original characters adds authenticity to the adaptation.
  • Musical Journey Through Time: The film’s musical elements serve as a nostalgic bridge between the ’60s and contemporary audiences. Ankur Tiwari and Islanders’ contributions enhance the storytelling, making the musical numbers an integral part of the narrative rather than mere embellishments.
  • Themes Beyond Teenage Romance: “The Archies” goes beyond the surface narrative of teenage romance, subtly addressing relevant themes such as friendship, societal changes, and individual self-discovery. The film’s ability to tackle these subjects with sensitivity adds layers to the overall storytelling.
  • Balancing Nostalgia with Modern Appeal: The challenge of adapting beloved comic characters lies in maintaining a balance between nostalgia for existing fans and creating a storyline that resonates with a modern audience. “The Archies” successfully navigates this challenge, offering a fresh perspective on timeless characters while honoring the source material.


“The Archies” is a delightful cinematic journey that successfully resurrects the beloved characters from Archie Comics, infusing them with new life and relevance. Zoya Akhtar’s directorial finesse, coupled with strong performances from the cast, creates a film that is both visually captivating and emotionally resonant. While some elements may tread familiar ground, the overall experience is a testament to the power of storytelling to transcend generations. Whether you’re a fan of the original comics or a newcomer to the world of Archie, “The Archies” is a must-watch for its nostalgic charm, compelling performances, and a narrative that captures the timeless spirit of youth.

Reason to Watch ‘The Archies’

Experience the perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary charm with “The Archies.” Directed by Zoya Akhtar and featuring star kids like Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda, this cinematic delight brings the beloved Archie Comics to life in a fresh and vibrant narrative. With stellar performances and a captivating storyline, it’s a must-watch for those seeking a heartwarming coming-of-age story. Immerse yourself in the magic of Riverdale and witness the enchanting debut of Suhana Khan and the breakout brilliance of Agastya Nanda. Don’t miss this #TheArchies cinematic celebration!

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